3D Free kick game is installed, and then you start the game you play is becoming easier because it is Turkish. If you want to select if you want the tournament through the game’s main menu, select Quick Shooting game Free Kick start the game. Click on the ball to hit the ball in the game with your mouse and drag it forward quickly is required. After hitting the ball the ball in the air you can shoot the ball in the air for enhanced effect. This will help you take clearer goals.

QUICK SHOOT part of the game 60 seconds have elapsed, the arrival of your hand try to do the best to earn points. Also be able to win in extra time by hitting the mark. Start by selecting the matches you want to start TURNUVA’ya team. Again, make extra time hitting targets right in the middle. 2012 to be the champion of the most Freekick goal in the game threw your hands.




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