Require you to use your keyboard in a spectacular 3D war game that is really fast 3D Keyboard Warrior from the depths of the forest, will fight against the bloodthirsty zombies.

Equipped with a successful 3D effects visually Keyboard Warrior game also have the opportunity to be able to have the extra weapons and munitions. One of the most frequently encounter extra weapons Sniper rifle with a scope will be called.

3D Keyboard Warrior playing the game as you can understand why we are offering the standard without a control mechanism in Unity 3D based game that you have to shoot the target on your keyboard to type in the word you need.

Although not literally a FPS game, both visually and by scenario game you will fight against the zombies trying to enter a military base in directing the military.

Upon as a group every step of zombies coming towards becoming faster and faster, and stronger. The fastest way of typing on your keyboard to yaklaşmamaları names you have to shoot zombies.

How To Play

Sniper Shoot with the mouse
1 Normal Weapons
2 Mine
3 Quick Shoot
4 C4 Bomb




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