On our 3D Minecraft ( Mine Clone ) literally turning point in the series , the 3rd As a result of a long struggle by the developer in a very different part of the game was released as spectacular .

Turkish language option , issued by Spielgames partly in the desktop version of the game until the game is almost a broad range of Minecraft . Even opening the doors to a world larger than the standard play Minecraft Block Story originally named vikings game , heroes , warriors , and the human race is one of many kinds .

Other than that, you will encounter dozens of kinds of animals and creatures in the game must be all you need to survive . Published earlier 3D and 3D Minecraft Minecraft game features not found in the second series 3 the game takes place . There are a lot of mining and material type 3D Minecraft 3 . You can get a new car , combining materials and supplies .

Of course, these are not generating tools and equipment by trial and error , every tool you need to produce a certain number of substances and types of rooms. Coal, gold, silver, other than precious resources such as stone, soil , and your need for the board to be a very important factor in the game is to stay alive stoklamalısınız too much food . Cows, pigs, chickens, non-aggressive animals such as hunting weapons in the game that you can get the meat swords, knives , hand tools such as digging out of gunpowder, bullets and metal combination can even weapons .

How To Play

Using the gun
arrows keys to move
WASD keys to move
Jumping spaces
Q Sales Tools Menu
1 of 1 vehicle
2 of 2 vehicle
3 of 3 vehicle
4 of 4 vehicle
5 of 5 vehicle




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