Nine Angry 3D with the new part of the game will continue to run mental hospital with the nervous aunt.

  Athletic many obstacles in front of the super hero continues to run at nine without fear of anything. Super-nine of the previous game with a lot of energy in the same way as with a scenario are displayed. Unlike the first game of the second game of Angry 3D Nine costume and a new character options are more.

In addition, an adventure awaits you in the game more challenging encounter many barriers to fish a giant aliens will hold. Granny Run is a game full of crazy Angry Gran Wood renewed with the original name of the second game of the series, as well as at least you’ll have fun in the first game.

Not won yet in the fore part of the application stores the new 3D players as the team tries to follow the agenda of the most beautiful and the best way to share the new 3D games are careful.
Nine second game of Angry 3D’s Daily Taks also collect the name of the task in many different costumes you can buy with points or an existing process can develop your character. Angry 3D Nine previously published on our site you can play the game by clicking here.


Jumping – Slides Promotion
right-to-left Left – right on the street Rotation
A left to go
D Right-to-go



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